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Well, it has been a weekend and a bit since the end of the 2023 Tuross Head Fishing Clubs’ Flathead and Bream Tournament.

It was a good event and we, the organizing committee, are very pleased with the way the entire event proceeded. Two things in particular stand out. The junior section fought hand to hand combat with the seniors and for much of competition they were leading in the point score. The Juniors would not have won outright as they entered as juniors and not in the Open class. However, some of them next year will be too old to be juniors and it will be a real contest.


The other that stood out was the enthusiasm of all competitors. It was great to see so many approaching trying hard. Fish were being caught and over six hundred fish were recorded and measured.


Yes. We did not make the 250 entries cutoff with 201 entries accepted but that number is way better entries than the Covid period of fears and restrictions that we have had .


Posted here is a our thank you to all competitors, a complete publication of all the photos of the comp that we have in our possession and also a link to the final scores and positions of all competitors.

Finally, for those that had incorrect sized shirts or in fact, no shirt. We have placed the order with the manufacturer in China and they are under way. More to come on that.

Here is the link to the fish caught, scores and your positions:

Well I guess we take a short break now !!

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